in situ: Darkest Before Dawn

I recently picked up these three drawings after the conclusion of “Darkest Before Dawn” at Ethan Cohen KuBe which was extended through the end of February. Really appreciated the pairing of these pieces with a loose gestural wall drawing that provided some warmth and high energy.

The drive to Beacon was all almost-green, everything on the verge of displaying springtime growth. The red flourishes on the wall below were part of a larger mural in the KuBe, which inhabits an old school building in Beacon, NY.

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Darkest Before Dawn

Three of my meditation drawings which together reflect upon the phrase “open heart” are included in Darkest Before Dawn: Art in a Time of Uncertainty at Ethan Cohen KuBe, opening this Sunday.

Click here to schedule a visit either during the opening reception on November 1st, or throughout the duration of the exhibition. If you do visit, please let me know what you thought (comment below or send an email).

please note: admission is free; registration is required in order to ensure social distancing in the galleries

process project / week 8


process project / week 8 | LTS

process project / week 8 | LTS

process project / week 8 | LTS

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B2 gallery, Leipzig

Art History course post #2:

Herron Study Abroad

Post by Lynnette Sauer

Last week during our time in Berlin, we took a day trip to Leipzig by train — about an hour and twenty minutes away from the city.

Although the entire day was inspiring, one of my favorite parts was visting the B2 gallery run by a collective of Leipzig artists. The group consists of about 10-15 artists who collaborate to to run and maintain a gallery space. They each pay a monthly fee and work together to make all decisions for the gallery. The money is used to run the space and hire someone to be an ‘office manager’ of sorts, handling the marketing and business administrative side of things. Each artist gets a show per year, in which they have freedom to curate the content of their choosing. Bastian Muhr, one of the artists, had a solo show up while we visited — it was…

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