in situ: Darkest Before Dawn

I recently picked up these three drawings after the conclusion of “Darkest Before Dawn” at Ethan Cohen KuBe which was extended through the end of February. Really appreciated the pairing of these pieces with a loose gestural wall drawing that provided some warmth and high energy.

The drive to Beacon was all almost-green, everything on the verge of displaying springtime growth. The red flourishes on the wall below were part of a larger mural in the KuBe, which inhabits an old school building in Beacon, NY.

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country + city

Although I stayed home for most of spring break this year, I was able to take two day trips. It was quite nice to get out of town for awhile, see friends, take in athletics and arts, and enjoy a bit of that ‘road trip’ feel for a couple of days.

Early in the week, my sister and I headed east to Cedarville, Ohio to watch a friend and high school teammate of mine play softball. The car-ride views of rural Indiana and Ohio were peaceful and quiet. The breeze was chilly, but the skies were sunny and blue – the perfect afternoon for a doubleheader.

country + city | Lynnette Therese

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