grateful today

  • for Marathon Family / Weekend and the way this feels like home
  • for seven of my favorite people coming to hang out + work + have great conversations at the studio late last night: communion
  • for the ability to make the things I need to be making; feeling creativity as a way of being instead of as an output function
  • for the simplicity of sleeping in and coffee meetings and Grace

countdown: 25

To anyone who’s asked me what I’m doing this summer, here’s the plan:

  • Berlin + Prague + Vienna + Strasbourg + London + Oxford + Paris + Rome
  • 2 months (7 weeks of classes: 12 credit hours / 2 weeks of traveling with friends)

I fly out of Chicago on May 22 (25 days from now).


This could not have come together more perfectly – timing, finances/scholarships, friends traveling Europe at the same time, classes that count toward my degrees – and I am so thankful for this opportunity. So many blessings happening all at the same time. Like I said before, it’s a little crazy. But definitely the good kind.

I bought a travel backpack and suitcase (first luggage of my own!). Flights are booked. Classed enrolled. AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO DO. My to-do/to-buy/to-pack before leaving list is several pages long. I like lists though, so having one actually makes me feel better about the fact that we’re leaving so soon. There is something exciting and hopeful in preparing for travel. “Adventure is out there.” And I can’t wait to find it.


If anyone is interested in ‘keeping up’ – in addition to my sketchbook and journal, I do plan to update my blog regularly. Hopefully many photos and sketches will be included as well! To see all posts tagged “study abroad”, you can bookmark this page: (or, follow my blog through your WordPress account/email subscription to receive a notification about every post).