perfect in weakness

Some details from a recently commissioned diptych:

+ a work in progress view on instagram

Perfect in Weakness, diptych, 36×24″, ink on paper/acrylic on paper, 2019

While working on the painting portion of this piece, I considered the way that small pieces (of the composition, of life) can feel out of place or broken, especially when observed from a place that is close-up and contained. With a more spacious point of view, there can be a perfection in observing the way things fit together that wasn’t previously apparent.

Practically, working on a painting larger than sketchbook-sized forced me to reckon with the possibilities/limits of my small home studio (desk). For example: I learned that it is possible for me to work tidily enough to paint in this space. Working with the pieces at odd orientations in order to fit on the desk reminded me of art school exercises of drawing a still life upside-down, or painting with my non-dominant hand – looking at things from a different angle in order to move beyond rote habits (whether of the eye or hand).

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