countdown: 3

A lot has happened in the past three weeks. Since last time:

All final projects have been turned in and spring semester grades are posted

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

I cleaned out my space in the junior painting studio

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

I re-signed my lease, my current roommate moved out, a new roommate moved in, and we found someone to stay here over the summer while we’re both traveling

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

I had about 12 inches of hair cut off

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

The Herron art history course has had two class meetings, both with fascinating conversations about different models for understanding memory and the way that relates to place/visual culture (My classmates and I will be writing blog posts about our experience in Europe through the lens of art history as part of our coursework – you can visit the site here:

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

Train tickets to and from Strasbourg arrived in the mail

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

I’ve started working on the sketchbook assignments for our studio art class

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

Accommodations in London, Paris, and Rome have been finalized for my vacation time with Megan and Krystiana

countdown: 3 | Lynnette Therese

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