ongoing series, since 2014
ink drawings on paper, 18 x 24 inches

Meditation Drawings | Lynnette Therese Sauer

Meditations | Lynnette Therese Sauer

Meditation I (Lamentations 3:21-23), 2014
Meditation II (Proverbs 4:23-24), 2015
Meditation III (creativity poise communion flow simplicity), 2015
Meditation IV (soli deo gloria), 2015
Meditation V (show up and stay present), 2015
Meditation VI (we are image bearers), 2015
Meditation VII (hold good things loosely), 2015
Meditation VIII (Romans 8), 2015
Meditation IX (doubt, but not that you are an artist.), 2015
Meditation X (learning to delight in future possibilities), 2015
Meditation XI (stay brave), 2015
Meditation XII (trust the process), 2015
Meditation XIII (be not in control), 2016
Meditation XIV (only an open heart can be entered), 2016
Meditation XV (perplexed but not driven to despair), 2016
Meditation XVI (sola gratia only grace), 2016
Meditation XVII (stay open), 2016
Meditation XVIII (start with what you have), 2018
Meditation XIX (the return of the repressed) – after Louise Bourgeois, 2019

Meditation XIX (the return of the repressed) - after Louise Bourgeois | LTS